Teeth Whitening

Simple and effective way to improve your smile

Over time, teeth can become stained or discoloured through the consumption of certain food and drink, tobacco products, and some forms of medication.

Professional teeth whitening is an effective and pain-free solution to brighten and whiten your natural smile by tackling stubborn stains that refuse to go away with brushing.

At Greenlaw Dental we use bespoke Whitewash whitening products such as our in-surgery BEAM light to ensure our patients get the best result.

In addition to the in-surgery BEAM whitening, we provide you with a bespoke whitening tray that you can fill with whitening gel and wear at your convenience from the comfort of your home. The custom fit of the tray will contain the correct amount of gel while providing a perfectly even and comfortable application.

For best results, the tray is usually worn every day for a period of two weeks, although you can tailor the duration to your personal needs to achieve the shade you desire.

Are DIY whitening kits a good idea

In recent years, many people have opted for generic home whitening kits for a quicker and cheaper solution, however, although these kits can whiten natural teeth, there is also a significant risk of side effects.

The professionally fitted mouthguard provided by a qualified dentist at your whitening appointment is specially designed to ensure the gel can’t escape. If you are using a cheaper alternative and do not have this mouthguard, some gel might escape and result in severe sensitivity around the teeth and gums.

In addition to the risk of sensitivity, cheaper products may not contain enough peroxide to provide you with effective results.

It is also worth noting that although several beauty salons offer teeth whitening services, this is illegal and comes with a considerable number of risks.